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Our clinic is successfully operating for over 10 years. We provide our customers with the most popular variety of quality and efficient procedures. There are highly qualified specialists, who were among the first to engage in ozone therapy in Moldova and are constantly carrying out training in leading clinics in Russia and abroad. The procedures are carried out in well-equipped rooms, in complete sterility, with disposable instruments only. We can get the whole range of cosmetic services, from simple masks and finishing plastic surgery.

The range of our services is wide enough. You can find all our treatments under procedures section. Almost nothing is impossible for us; technology is constantly improving, and we try to match it. We use modern equipment and proven techniques only, that are widely used around the world.

A visit to the clinic always begins with a consultation. This is a necessary and crucial stage of work, in ProEstetic we pay special attention to it. Specialists carefully study the problems of patients and always propose the best solution. Random decisions are unacceptable. It is important that the patient has received all the information because he/she makes the final selection.

From the beginning, we have chosen a path that distinguishes us from other clinics.

We have set ourselves the task of creating aesthetic medicine clinic, where all the world’s best technologies were presented, such as non-surgical and surgical, to preserve youth, beauty and health. Bids were made for the exclusive world technologies that have proven effective and to cooperate with the best foreign specialists. In the development of many technologies we were the first in Moldova. Some of them only apply to our clinic.

The basic principle of “ProEstetic” is to maintain leadership in the Moldovan aesthetic medicine and we, the whole team, step by step, will prove it.


Non-surgical face lift
The procedures using Sculptra occupied the first place among the most popular and favorite procedures in Hollywood.

Armoring with bio threads – the most reliable and physiologic way to return the former contours to your face.

Contour plastics
Modern aesthetic medicine offers a range of techniques for the non-surgical correction of face forms.

Vector lifting
The technique of vector lifting is used to eliminate and prevent sagging skin.

We all have heard a lot about Botox, but not everyone knows about the purpose and the essence of the procedure.

Ozone therapy is a treatment method, which is increasingly used in recent years in clinical practice.

Lips modeling
Lip contouring is made by injecting of bio-gel that is valid for up to 5 years or with preparations based on hyaluronic acid

Wrinkle and nasolabial folds removal
There are two different approaches to eliminate wrinkle with using injection methods...

Facial Mesotherapy
Mesotherapy - is intradermal or subcutaneous inserting of the special coctail containig different preparations in microscopic doses

Penetrating deeply into the dermis, peeling erases even the deepest wrinkles, restores facial contours, eliminates the age pigmentation...

Acne treatment
During ozone therapy for the patient with acne rash the treatment efficiency makes about 85%

Hair Treatment
Mesotherapy helps to improve the condition of hair and scalp in short period of time

Silhouette correction
Beside the surgical clinic lipoaspiration we use the procedure called therapeutic liposuction

Body Care
Our clinic uses the methods helping your body to stay in perfect state

Electric Epilation
Nowadays there is no more effective way to combat excess hair on the body

Pro Estetic
Address Chișinău, Dumitriu 37 Phones/Fax
— telephone 068 060-660 069 278-403
web e-mail