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Renasterii Blvd. renamed Grigore Vieru

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Renasterii Boulevard will be renamed Grigore Vieru, under a decision made by the Chisinau Municipal Council (CMC) on February 12. The Council also approved a number of activities in memory of the great poet, Info-Prim Neo reports.

On the suggestion of the Mayor of Chisinau Dorin Chirtoaca, the portion of Renasterii Blvd. between Cosmonautilor St and Albisoara St will be named Grigore Vieru. The road from Albisoara St to Calea Orheiului St will be renamed Renasterii Nationale Blvd., while the place at the intersection of Kiev amd Tudor Vladimirescu streets and Renasterii Nationale Blvd. will be named the National Renaissance Square.

Under the CMC's decision, a monument to the victims of the national liberation movement will be erected in the center of the National Renaissance Square, while the monument to the heroes of the Leninist Komsomole located on Renasterii Blvd. will be replaced with the monument to the great poet Grigore Vieru.

On February 14, on the poet's birthday, a commemorative plaque will be placed on the house where Grigore Vieru lived. The Cultural Center “Grigore Vieru” will be opened in one of the adjoining buildings.

The mayor's proposal was supported by the Democratizes factions in the CMC, but rejected by the Communist faction. Valery Pavlov, the leader of the Communist faction, demanded that the monument to the heroes of the Leninist Komsomole be left in the same place as Vieru himself was a laureate of the Leninist Komsomole

The administrations of the Romanians towns of Alba Iulia and Iasi renamed streets Grigore Vieru in these settlements last year, before the national holiday of Romania – December 1. 


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