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June 28 declared Day of Soviet Occupation

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Acting President Mihai Ghimpu has inked a decree declaring June 28 as the Day of Soviet Occupation and Commemoration of the Victims of the Communist Totalitarian Regime, Info-Prim Neo reports.

Mihai Ghimpu told a press briefing today that on June 28 national flags across Moldova will fly at half-mast, flowers will be laid at monuments and memorials for the victims of the communist totalitarian regime, all the public authorities, organizations and businesses shall renounce entertainment activities and a moment of silence will be kept at 10:00.

Additionally, all the education establishments and summer camps will hold an hour of remembrance. Under the presidential decree, the Chisinau City Hall shall start erecting a monument to the victims of the totalitarian regime in the city's main plaza and, in the meantime, install a memorial stone.

The decree states that Russia, as direct successor to the Soviet Union, shall withdraw, without delay and unconditionally, all the troops from the territory of the Republic of Moldova.

Asked whether he consulted with the other leaders of the governing Alliance for European Integration before issuing the decree, Ghimpu replied there are issues that are not discussed collectively: “I signed this decree in my capacity as acting president, in conformity with my constitutional prerogatives”.

On Monday, June 28, Parliament will hold an extraordinary meeting where Mihai Ghimpu will present to the deputies for consideration the report of the presidential commission for the assessment of the communist totalitarian regime in Moldova. 

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