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Moldova to hold constitutional referendum on 5 September

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Moldova will hold a constitutional referendum on 5 September, when voters will answer the question "Are you for amending the constitution in order to elect Moldova s president at nationwide polls?". A draft law on the matter was adopted by the parliament today.

The draft was passed after the MPs took a 30-minute break to wait for the opposition Communists who had reiterated their will to overcome the constitutional crisis in the parliament. At the end of the break, Communist MP Iurie Muntean came to the meeting but was not given access to microphone.

Muntean said that the lawmakers' behaviour was an attempt to usurp state power and desecrate the legislation. "Our faction failed to show up for the meeting because most of our deputies are in districts, but we had worked out a statement that we were to make public. Through this statement, the Party of Communists wanted to call on the lawmakers to find consensus in the parliament. But the Alliance for European Integration wants to postpone the date of the parliamentary election," Muntean said.

The draft passed by the MPs of the ruling alliance stipulates that the president will be elected through universal, equal, direct, secret and free voting. The procedure of electing the head of state will be set by an organic law.

The draft says that the successful presidential candidate should receive at least half of the cast ballots, otherwise a runoff election will be held for the first two presidential hopefuls.

The current law, which sees the election of the president with the votes of 61 parliamentarians, led to a constitutional crisis as neither the ruling alliance nor the opposition had the necessary number of votes.

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