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Marian Lupu elected Head of Parliament

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Marian Lupu has been elected Speaker by the vote of his colleagues from the newly formed center-right alliance. The parliamentary group of the PCRM has not taken part in the voting, Info-Prim Neo reports.

The voting results were announced by the commission for organizing the secret voting for the Herad of Parliament that consists of nine members representing all the parliamentary groups.

Before the voting, the leader of the PCRM Vladimir Voronin told the reporters he and the other members of the Communist parliamentary group will take part in it, they did not.

Under the legislation, the Head of Parliament is elected by 51 votes. The PLDM, PDM and PL have together 59 seats of MP. Marian Lupu was voted in by 57 votes as Alexandru Stoianoglo (PDM) and Victor Popa (PL) are absent from the sitting.

Several hours before the legislature's sitting, the Democrat leader Marian Lupu told the press that the PDM decided to form a coalition with the PLDM and PL.

At the start of the meeting, the leader of the PLDM Vlad Filat announced the formation of the center-right alliance that consists of the PLDM, PDM and PL. The information was confirmed by the vice president of the PL Ion Hadarca, who said that Marian Lupu, who was proposed for Speaker by Dumitru Diacov, was also the candidate of the Alliance for European Integration.

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