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Network of traffickers in arms annihilated

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The Ministry of the Interior discovered a network of traffickers in arms when they brought the first consignment into Moldova. The police seized a Kalashnikov gun and 12 grenades, Info-Prim Neo reports.

In a news conference on April 12, Vitalie Briceag, the head of the Ministry’s Frauds Division, said that the three persons that smuggled the munitions into Moldova were arrested in cooperation with the law enforcement bodies of Transnistria.

“The Kalashnikov gun had 30 cartridges. The members of the criminal group also sold drugs. They were arrested on Moldova’s territory, but it is not excluded that they sold arms in other states as well. The three were arrested in Chisinau, at the house of one of them, while they were selling F1 grenades,” said Vitalie Briceag.

He also said that a grenade F1 kills everything within an area of 200 meters when exploded. He could not provide more details about the munitions so as not to prejudice the investigation.

Igor Trofimov, the head of the apparatus of the Minister of the Interior, said that during the ongoing operation “Arsenal” the police officers found and seized about 800 guns held illegally. The Ministry of the Interior started to equip the policemen with mobile phones by which they will have access to the Ministry’s database on those who hold arms. 

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