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In Q 1, 2012 the volume of transportation declined 28,9% in Moldova to 1,42 mln. t.

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According to the National Bureau of Statistics, the greatest slowdown was registered in railway transportation. It fell 41,3% to 699,9 thou. The biggest portion of cargoes loaded at railway stations in Q1 2012 fell to crops and flour products. It made up 29,1% against 59,6% in January-March, 2011. It was followed by iron and scrap which made up 26,8% against 11,3%,building materials and cement, being 13,1% against 5,8%. Car transportation made up 50,3% of the volume of cargo transportation and declined 10,8% as compared with the same period of the past year, being 719,8 thou. t. About 58,6% of car cargo transportation were operated by companies of the municipality of Chisinau, 9,5% by Balti companies. Then follow regions of Orhei (6,7%), Nisporeni (4,1%), Aneni Noi(2,8%), Taraclia (2,8%), Ialoveni (2,6%); Hincesti (1,8%). By river vehicles it was transported 9,6 thou. t. of cargoes, 16,5% down as compared with the same preiiod of the last year; by air it was carried 0,4 thou. t, 55% up.

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