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Moles will invade central square of Chisinau on May 12

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The Embassy of the Czech Republic in Chisinau will mount a series of activities dedicated to Europe Days in Moldova in the Great National Assembly Square on May 12. According to Ambassador Jaromír Kvapil, the visitors will be able to drink plenty of Czech beer, while the children will take part in an asphalt drawing contest.

“We will screen a number of documentaries about the Czech Republic and will offer the children the possibility of participating in an asphalt drawing contest, where they will draw by a mole, by the example of a great Czech painter,” Jaromír Kvapil has told Info-Prim Neo. “The embassy will also show several models of the country, which will represent the castes of the Czech Republic. There are as many castes as in France even if the Czech Republic is four times smaller.”

The beer is a visiting card of the Czech people. Pilsner is one of the most famous beers. Its name comes from the administrative center Pilsner in western Bohemia. On the occasion of Europe Day, the persons who will cross the center of Chisinau on May 12 will be able to taste several kinds of Czech beer. The Embassy will organize the same program in Comrat on May 19.

“Europe Days should be celebrated by work every day. Moldova is not far from the European spirit even if there are certain reminiscences that should be liquidated. I personally don’t like that many Moldovans are outside the country, losing this way the ties with the relatives and the native country, even if they earn more money there.

“Those who remain at home are children and elderly people whom we try to help because Moldova is one of the five key countries where important activities will be implemented, like schooling, construction of water pipes and others. I hope I will live the time when Moldova reaches the economic level of the Czech Republic,” said Jaromír Kvapil, adding that the Czech people also left the country about 300 years ago because of the Church, but now the situation has stabilized.

The Czech Republic has become a member of the European Union in 2004.

Europe Days in Moldova will be marked in Chisinau and Comrat on May 12-19. 

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