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An investment competition on construction of the gas pipeline Ungheni-Iasi to be announced this summer

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At the Energy Forum held on Thursday in Chisinau, Director of the Department of Energy Safety and Efficiency under the Ministry of Economy Vadim Ceban said that the project is valued at 19 to 20 mln. euros. A total length of the pipeline amounts to 41,9 km of which 31 km is stretched on the territory of Romania and another 8,9 km are on the territory of Moldova. The transport capacity of the pipe lien will make about 1 bln. c.m. per year.

The construction will allow to provide interconnection of gas transporting systems of Moldova and Romania to ensure alternative deliveries of natural gas. The gas pipeline Ungheni-Iasi is planned to be backed by the European Union. The European Commission is to allot to the project 7 mln. euros of which 3 mln. euros are assigned for Moldova and 4 mln. euros for Romania. The work on the project has already been launched, Vadim Ceban has stressed. Last week the government mandated the Ministry of Economy to purchase 0,4994 ha from individuals living in the village of Zagarancea of the region of Ungheni to lay the gas pipeline. This purpose has been assigned for close to 6,95 mln. leis from the state budget.

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