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Various Moldovan organizations view 200-year-old event differently

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Last Sunday, the National Liberal Party of Moldova (NLP), the Civil Platform “Actiunea 2012” and the Noua Dreapta [New Truth] national movement held what they called an Unirea march [Unirea is unification of the Republic of Moldova with Romania] to mark the approaching 200th anniversary of “Bessarabia’s annexation by the tsarist Russia”.  

On the same day, the Patriots of Moldova Party organized a rally in protest against the pro-Romania unionists’ actions and in support of the event that happened 200 years ago – the signature of the Treaty of Bucharest.      

The said three pro-Romania organizations managed to gather 1 to 2 thousand people for their action. They unfolded the Romanian tricolor and along black mourning ribbon. The marchers were waving the flags of Moldova, Romania and of the three organizations, chanting in chorus “We want unification”, “Bessarabia is Romania”, “Bessarabia is the Romanian land”, “Romania, don’t forget: Bessarabia is yours”.  [Bessarabia is the present-day mainland Republic of Moldova – without the Transnistrian region.]    

After the protesters had heard the national anthem of Romania, they welcomed the NLP leader Vitalia Pavlicenco, who stated that the events, which happened 200 years ago, “have split up a united state into two parts, thus ruining many families”.    

Pavlicenco is convinced that “the more solid the Romanian society is, the stronger our forces will be, and justice shall triumph, sooner or later”.     

The Unirea March was attended by writer Nicolae Dabija and Minister of Environment Protection Gheorghe Salaru.    

At the same time, the Patriots of Moldova Party was holding a rally of its own in another part of the Chisinau's central square, which gathered 300 to 500 people, who unfolded Moldovan flags and pro-Moldova posters, and were chanting “Long live the Republic of Moldova”, “Down with The History of the Romanians”.      

When the column of pro-Romania unionists headed towards the Russian Embassy building, the patriots started launching at them paper planes, with insulting words written on them.   

After a noisy squabble, the unionist marched to the Russian Embassy and then to the Embassy of Turkey, after which they walked to a Unirea concert in the Green Theater.    

Public order during the actions of protest was maintained by several hundred cops.
Infotag’s dossier:   The Treaty of Bucharest between the Ottoman Empire and the Russian Empire was signed on May 28, 1812 in Bucharest, at the end of the Russo-Turkish War of 1806-1812. Under its terms, the eastern part of the Principality of Moldavia, between the Prut and the Dniester Rivers, with an area of 45,630 square kilometers (later known as Bessarabia) was ceded by the Ottoman Empire (to which Moldavia was a vassal) to Russia. Also, Russia obtained trading rights on the Danube. A truce was signed with the rebelling Serbs and autonomy given to Serbia. The treaty, signed by the Russian commander Mikhail Kutuzov, was ratified by Emperor Alexander I of Russia just one day before Napoleon launched his invasion of Russia.    

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