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National Opera House will be named "Maria Biesu"

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The National Opera House will bear the name of the National Opera Prima Donna Maria Biesu. Such a proposal was submitted by Head of Parliament Marian Lupu, who considers that the Opera Theater should have been named “Maria Biesu” long ago, but it did not happen owing to the modesty shown by the singer throughout her life, Info-Prim Neo reports.

“Affected by the incommensurable loss, we should now render a last homage to the singer and eternalize her by naming the National Opera House “Maria Biesu”. I’m sure that this initiative will be supported by the whole society of Moldova,” Marian Lupu says in a message spread by the Parliament’s press service.

The Speaker said that Maria Biesu served at the National Opera House with love and devotion for over five decades. She is the initiator of the international lyrical music festival, which became a nice tradition.

“The greatest opera singer of the country, whose name is associated with Moldova, passed away. Owing to Maria Biesu, who was named the best Cio-Cio-San, the whole world found out about Moldova. Her bright face will always remain in our memories, while her undying work and incomparable voice will always accompany us as part of the national heritage,” said Marian Lupu.

The National Opera Prima Donna departed this life on the morning of May 16. 

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