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Moldova and Romania preparing to launch construction of Ungheni-Iasi gas pipeline, Filat says

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Moldovan Prime Minister Vladimir Filat has asked his new Romanian colleague Victor Ponta to make all in his powers to prepare, by next week already, all documents necessary for starting the construction of the Ungheni-Iasi gas pipeline [these Moldovan and Romanian cities stand only about 15 kilometers apart].    

Before an ordinary meeting of the Moldovan Government on Wednesday morning, Filat said that he had had a telephone conversation with Premier Ponta, who stated readiness to immediately embark on pipeline building works proper.    

The thing is, the Moldovan authorities have been talking about the Ungheni-Iasi project for several years now, in a belief to thus ensure an extra and alternative source of natural gas, should any problems emerge with Russia, from where Moldova receives nearly 100% of the fuel.    

Previously, the Moldovan authorities stated that the European Union was allegedly ready to partly finance the pipeline building. (Details will follow in Infotag’s news bulletin later on.)     

Infotag’s dossier:   The 2011 Moldova-Russia contract expired last December 31, but no new contract has been signed, so far. For the period of negotiations on a new contract, the sides usually extend old contracts. For the first time the 2011 contract was extended for the first quarter of 2012, and now the contract force has been prolonged for 2Q2012.       

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