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Moscow, Antalya among most popular destinations for Moldovan air passengers

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More passengers travel via Chisinau International Airport. In May 2012, over 101,480 passengers used the only functional airport in Moldova for their journeys. According to the officials of the airport, there has been registered an increase of passenger flow during May compared to the same period of the last year.

Based on the results recorded by the airport, the most popular destinations were Moscow (26,93 %), Antalya (14,56%), Istanbul (12,52%), Munich (7,1%), Verona (4,98%) and Bucharest (4,66%).

The destinations with the highest growth rate of passenger traffic volumes are the following: Antalya (+69,34%), Munich (+30,73%), Riga (+29,58%), Bucharest (+29,44%), Tel Aviv (+26,51%) and Moscow (+23,60%).

Seventeen airlines operate flights from Chisinau International Airport to 25 different destinations.

Moldova’s main airport carried 1,045,975 passengers in 2011, which is a record number in Airport’s history.

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