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Politicians, Chisinau citizens pay tribute to Stalinist deportation victims

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Moldovan Prime Minister Vladimir Filat, Chisinau Mayor Dorin Chirtoaca, Liberal Party parliamentarians and Chisinau citizens today venerated the memory of those who suffered in the first wave of massive deportations, which took place in June 1941. They laid flowers to the memorial stone installed several years ago before the Chisinau railroad station.     

The earliest one to come to the place was Premier Filat. A little later, the stone memorial was visited by independent MP Mihai Godea, and then by Liberal lawmakers led by party leader Mihai Ghimpu and his nephew and LP First Deputy Chairman Dorin Chirtoaca.    

The Prime Minister then visited the National Museum of Archeology and History to see the exhibition, “Soviet Moldova: Between Myths and GULAG”, unfolded there by the Chisinau Museum of Deportation and Political Repression Victims to the remarkable date.   

The Chisinau Primaria [city government] has decided that over 2.2 thousand citizens – deportation victims – will receive a lump-sum allowance of 500 lei today.   

Infotag’s dossier:   According to various estimates, on the night of June 12/13, 1941, the Stalinist Soviet authorities deported 12,000 to 20,000 residents of Bessarabia [the present-day mainland Republic of Moldova – without the Transnistrian region] to Siberia and other inner regions of the vast Soviet Union. That happened only 9 days before the Nazi Germany had invaded the USSR territory [June 22], marking the onset of what was later called the Great Patriotic War, which ended only on May 9, 1945.       

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