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Council of Europe Development Bank to extend cooperation with Moldova

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Parliament Speaker Marian Lupu held a meeting with the governor of the Council of Europe Development Bank, Rolf Wenzel, on 14 June, according to the parliament's communication and public relations department.

The participants in the meeting discussed Moldova's cooperation with the Council of Europe Development Bank and the latter's support for the promotion and implementation of reforms in the country.

The Council of Europe Development Bank praises the reform implementation process in Moldova, Wenzel said, expressing the bank's willingness to extend cooperation relations with Moldova, including in social projects.

Marian Lupu congratulated Rolf Wenzel on the occasion of his election to this office, and voiced hope that the bank and the Moldovan government would continue their good cooperation ties. Also, Lupu praised the bank's successful activity and the maintenance of the AAA rating, despite the world financial crisis. Maintaining this rating further is important not only for the bank, but also for the citizens of each country, including Moldova, he noted.

In the same context, Lupu praised the fact that the bank's Governing Board was going to consider the approval of two projects for Moldova: a donation of 500,000 euros for the Centre of Blood Transfusion in Chisinau, and another one related to the extension of a project for the modernization of the Republican Clinic Hospital. Proceeding from the priorities of the government programme for 2011-2014, Lupu spoke in favour of continuing support for social projects and the justice reform in Moldova.

Marian Lupu thanked Wenzel for assistance and confidence, as well as for the work of the bank's secretariat in the elaboration and implementation of projects meant for Moldova.

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