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Constitutional Court rules that ‘hammer and sickle’ can be used

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The Constitutional Court ruled that the Communist Party’s symbols – the hammer and sickle – are legal and can be used. The decision is definitive and was passed following a challenge filed by Communist MPs. The decision is based on two separate opinions, of the Court’s president Alexandru Tanase and of judge Igor Dolea, IPN reports.

In his speech, MP Artur Reshetnicov stated that the law banning the use of the Communist symbols runs counter to a number of articles of the Constitution of Moldova. "By banning the symbols of the largest political party of Moldova, they aimed to liquidate this party. These changes are against the general principles laid down in the Constitution, which say that Moldova is a democratic state and the observance of the basic principles is guaranteed by the state," he said.

He also said that the ban on the use of the Communist symbols affects the good functioning of a political party ands exposes it to the danger of losing its identity.

On July 12, 2012, the legislative body passed a law banning the use of the hammer and sickle. It stipulated penalties for using them. In September, the law was challenged by the Communist Party in the Constitutional Court.

Asked by the Constitutional Court to pronounce on the issue, the Venice Commission said the Moldovan Parliament’s decision to ban the use of the Communist symbols runs counter to the European Convention on Human Rights.

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