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Moldova provided with electricity from Cuciurgan power plant

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The Ukrainian company Power Trade ceased supplying Moldova with electricity starting from 1 April, as no agreement was reached on a new price demanded by the enterprise from Ukraine.

The Ukrainian company has initially asked for a rate of 7.5 cents per one kw/h, against the previous one of 6.9 cents. Yet, the company lowered this price to 7 cents last week. The power provider explains its demand by a rise in gas' rate and, hence, in the costs of production. "The electricity supplies to Moldova are unprofitable for Ukraine", a representative of the Ukrainian Energy Ministry told the journalists.

The old contract expired on 1 April 2012. Chisinau wanted to extend it, hoping to negotiate a better price. Nonetheless, the Ukrainian provider refused to continue the talks, and insisted on a higher rate than the Moldovan side is willing to pay, Deputy Prime Minister, Economics Minister Valeriu Lazar said.

In 2011, the Power Trade company was the only one to get the right to export electric energy from Ukraine to Moldova, following a contest. In 2010, this enterprise provided Moldova with the so-called balancing energy.

Presently, over 75 per cent of Moldova's electricity needs are supplied by the Cuciurgan Hydro-electric Power Plant (left bank of the Dniestre). Lazar noted that the Cuciurgan Power Plant and local power stations provide the necessary amount of electric energy. He added that there is no risk for Moldova to remain without electricity.

Moldovan power plans provided about 21.4 per cent of electricity consumption in 2011, against 27 per cent in the year before, and over 88 per cent of the electric energy was imported.

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