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Premier Filat says he stands for genuine independence of law enforcement agencies

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Moldovan Prime Minister and leader of the parliamentary Liberal Democratic Party (LDPM) Vladimir Filat has stated he is categorically against whatever control of law enforcement agencies by political parties.   

Filat was guest of Moldova-1 public television on Wednesday night, and was asked to comment the statement made recently by Liberal Party Chairman Mihai Ghimpu, who demanded that the Prosecutor General’s post must now given to the Liberal Party. [According to the algorithm of the division of ministries and other essential state structures between the constituent parties of the governing Alliance for European Integration, the Prosecutor General’s Office has been given under Marian Lupu Democratic Party’s control.]     

Premier stated on the national television, “Like before, I stand resolutely for de-politicization of national law enforcement agencies”. So far, however, his Liberal Democratic Party controls two such structures – the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of the Interior.     

“Who of us was born with high posts in hands? Nobody was. This is politics. We all have become hostages to a debate around key posts. I object to keeping state institutions under the supervision and control of political forces. We [the governing Alliance for European Integration, AEI] have signed an additional agreement on de-politicization of state institutions. Now we must put the agreement fully into life, and must proceed with the reforms we have launched”, said Vladimir Filat.       

At the same time, he admitted with regret that a full satisfaction of all AEI members is just impossible.   

“Now that we have achieved a political stability in the republic, we must focus on the implementation of our country governance program. I can’t agree with assertions that somebody has made concessions to someone. One can speak of concessions when one used to have something. And what did Mihai Ghimpu have?” asked Filat, though expressed gratitude to Ghimpu and his Liberal Party for their flexibility and cooperation at electing the President of Moldova.     

Returning to the Prosecutor General’s Office, the Premier stressed that “it must be subordinate only to the law, not officials or political forces.When we resolve this problem, it will not matter really which name our Prosecutor General will be bearing”.      

Political analyst Nicolae Negru, another guest of the live program, also believes that de-politicization of the law enforcement is vitally necessary.   

“I hate hearing that this or that ministry, particularly a law enforcement agency, is under the control of this or another party, which has appointed its representative to head the ministry. This is abnormal. Now that the President has been elected, the governing alliance must reach a firm agreement on how to correct the situation with the distribution of power structures”, said Nicolae Negru.     

As already reported by Infotag, upon the election of a President of the Republic of Moldova last March 16, LP Chairman Mihai Ghimpu started reminding now and again that at distributing essential state posts a year ago, he sacrificed the post of the Parliament Speaker to Marian Lupu, in the hope that Lupu, proclaimed officially as the AEI’s presidential candidate, would sooner of later become president and would vacate the Speaker’s post. So Ghimpu would one day become the head of parliament in the parliamentary Republic of Moldova. Now that this plan has failed, Ghimpu is demanding to give the Prosecutor General’s Office to the Liberal Party.       

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