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European officials discuss situation in Moldova

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High European officials have discussed the situation in Moldova at the spring session of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE), according to the parliament's media relations department.

In a speech delivered while opening the session, PACE President Jean-Claude Mignon approached the issue of frozen conflicts, which he views as a topic of European importance.

In this context, Jean-Claude Mignon referred to his recent visit to Moldova. After discussions with the Moldovan authorities and a visit to the Transnistrian region, he ascertained "a genuine openness to the identification of a solution to the Transnistrian conflict".

"I am convinced that PACE could reinforce the climate of trust by using the tools of parliamentary democracy, for example to restore dialogue between actors from both banks of the Dniester," he said.

"After prior consultation with the competent bodies of the Assembly and with our colleagues in the European Parliament and the Parliamentary Assembly of the OSCE, we will be able to swiftly put forward concrete proposals for launching a dialogue between the members of the Moldovan parliament and those of "the supreme soviet" of the Transnistrian region,"

Addressing the assembly, British Minister for Europe David Lidington, representing the Chairmanship of the Committee of Ministers, said: "The election by Parliament on 16 March of Mr Nicolae Timofti as President of the Republic of Moldova has been an important political step after almost three years of stalemate. Your visit Mr President, in the wake of the election acknowledges this."

"The UK Chairmanship hopes that Mr Timofti's election will provide the stability required for the Moldovan Government to advance its ambitious programme of political, economic and social reforms and for further progress to be made in achieving a sustainable solution on Transnistria. On this latter point, the Committee of Ministers adopted in February a new programme for confidence-building measures across the Dniester river, following a visit to the Council of Europe by Mr Eugen Carpov, Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Moldova," Lidington said.

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