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Luxemburg and Belgium support Moldova in its European aspirations

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Moldova is backed by Luxemburg and Belgium in its aspirations to become a partner of the European Union. Europe Day that is marked on May 9 is a good occasion for familiarizing the Moldovan people with the offers on the European market and the culture of the EU Member States. The Ambassador of Belgium to Romania and, simultaneously, to Moldova, Philippe Beke answered an inquiry made by Info-Prim Neo News Agency, saying that, as founding father of the European Union, Belgium knows very well how important the support of the European idea is in neighboring countries of the EU.

“During the Belgian Day in Chisinau on March 9, Belgium stressed the importance of the conclusion of a DCFTA, an agreement on visa liberalization and a conclusion of the European Union - Moldova Association agreement. For Belgium is important to adhere through these legal instruments to the values and standards of the European Union through which the people of Moldova will feel very much connected to the European construction,” said the diplomat.

During Europe Day celebrations in Chisinau on May 12, Belgium will participate with a booth, promoting its nice food and beer as well as the quality of its business environment for which the Moldo-Belgian Chamber of Commerce stands ready to further develop in Moldova.

Ambassador Philippe Beke said that when walking through Chisinau one has the feeling to be in Europe, in particular the young people are very much interested in the European Union and also have developed the European values. “I am convinced that the closer the relationship between the European Union and the Republic of Moldova get in the future, the more the population will be engaged in the European Union values, be it in civil society or in business. Be assured that from Belgian side Moldova will get all possible support to adhere to an accelerated pace to the European state of mind,” he stated.

Luxembourg’s interests in Moldova are represented by the Embassy of Belgium in Bucharest and Philippe Beke said that Luxembourg is sharing the same views as Belgium, encouraging Moldova to take all the necessary measures in order to reach as swiftly as possible the status of high-level partner of the European Union.

Europe Days 2012 in Moldova will be celebrated in Chisinau and Comrat on May 12-19. The official opening will take place in the Great National Assembly Square on May 12. Tents of the embassies of the EU Member States will be put up in the Square, as last year. The visitors of the “European Village” will receive information about the European languages, culture, traditions and cuisines. ‘Linguistic corners’ will be set up within the “European Village”, where citizens will have the opportunity to pick up key words and phrases in different languages of the EU. 

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