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Moldovan PM sees cooperation with EU as top foreign policy priority in 2011

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Deepening the dialogue and multi-dimensional cooperation with the European Union was the foremost priority of the Moldovan government's foreign policy in 2011. Most objectives in this field have been achieved, Prime Minister Vlad Filat said while presenting a report on the cabinet's work in 2011 in the parliament today.

Filat said that 40 legislative acts out of 42 seen in the first phase of talks on a visa free regime had been already passed. Once the last two legislative acts are approved, Moldova will shift to the second stage of implementation of the action plan on the visa free regime.

The prime minister said that in 2011, the government actively participated in the Eastern Partnership and managed to unblock bilateral relations with Ukraine. As for the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), the cabinet focused on developing economic cooperation, as well as on turning to account advantages offered by the CIS for the free movement of people, development of the social sector and cultural and humanitarian exchanges.

"In relations with Romania, we got closer to a model of privileged partnership. Last week, I asked the Romanian prime minister to start the procedure of declaring the inter-connection of the Moldovan and Romanian gas networks of national interest for both states," Filat said.

Referring to relations with the USA, the prime minister described them as dynamic, noting that the goal is to establish a deep strategic partnership. Filat described as balanced the evolution of the Moldovan-Russian political ties in 2011, as they were determined by the two countries' common interest to develop a mutually advantageous cooperation.

The cabinet's report for 2011 shows that in terms of reintegration, Moldova pursued two major objectives: the resumption of the five-plus-two negotiations and promotion of confidence-building measures.

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