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Parliamentary election in Gagauzia is up in the air yet – Iurie Ciocan

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The ordinary elections to the Gagauzia Popular Assembly [legislature], initially scheduled for July 29, are in doubt yet, presumes the Republic of Moldova’s Central Election Commission Chairman Iurie Ciocan.     

In his interview with Infotag, Ciocan explained that the registration of candidates is to begin on May 29 and, according to the law, “if only they fail to start the registration today, the delay is fraught with serious consequences, and the very holding of the said elections on July 29 will be in jeopardy”.   

Iurie Ciocan explained that elections in the southern Moldovan autonomous region of Gagauzia are held independently, with the autonomy’s own forces, and the Moldovan CEC may not interfere into the process or influence it in any way.    

By the law, he said, the registration of candidates must begin 60 days before the voting date i.e. today, on May 29, the Gagauzia election commission must begin the registration of candidates for deputies of the Popular Assembly.   

“However, the Gagauzia election commission would not be able to convene for its own constituent meeting”, said Iurie Ciocan.      
The press service of the Gagauzia Bashkan [Governor] wrote recently that Gagauzia Popular Assembly [parliament] Chairperson Anna Harlamenko and the Assembly Presidium have once again ignored the Bashkan Formuzal’s appeal to hold a joint meeting and discuss questions of election commission formation and of holding the parliamentary election.   

Meanwhile, election commission member Vitaly Yablochkin maintains that the present-day personal composition of the commission is not only incapable but is illegitimate because the body would not get formed to the very end: there are only 6 members approved to date – out of the necessary number of 9. So no meetings of the commission may be held, even organizational ones.       

In his words, the timeframe for holding the elections to the Gagauzia Popular Assembly is thus being violated, “but it will be an ever greater violation if the incomplete election commission starts working, because the elections will eventually be recognized null and void”.

It is believed that the main struggle for the Gagauzia Popular Assembly will unfold between two main regional political forces – the United Gagauzia Movement and the New Gagauzia Movement. Deputies in Gagauzia are elected according to the majority voted system, i.e. from one-mandate constituencies. 

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