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Moldovan government passes draft law on equality of chances

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The government today passed a draft law on equality of chances.

Justice Minister Oleg Efrim said at today's government meeting that the law is meant to ensure people's equality in line with the provisions of Article 16 of the Moldovan constitution and with the European norms in this field.

Prime Minister Vlad Filat said that the draft law is very important, noting that it is a pity that it had been discussed in a wrong, speculative and unproductive manner.

The prime minister also stressed that the document is among the last drafts out of 42 normative acts, which the government has to fulfil in order to secure a visa free regime with the European Union. According to Filat, besides the implementation of the action plan on the visa free regime, these commitments also refer to the country's EU integration process. "Those who believe that such approaches will affect just one process in the country are wrong. All the ongoing processes in Moldova will be tarnished, including financing and the signing of a free trade agreement with the EU," Filat said.

Previously, the draft law was named "the law on preventing and combating discrimination". The syntagm "sexual orientation" encompassed in the initial variant aroused a wave of discontent among Christian associations. Subsequently, after consultations with the EU partners, the law was renamed to "law on equality of chances", and "sexual orientation" is mentioned only in Article 7, which provides for the observance of people's rights at work.

The draft law is to be examined and adopted by the parliament.

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