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Ariadna by Diana Voevutki
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Fabrics’ metamorphosis of the “Ariadna by Diana Voevutki” brand

Diana Voevutki is one of the most appreciated fashion designers in our country. Her fabulous works have quickly conquered the clients’ hearts, but before reaching success, the young woman worked very hard, overcoming all the challenges she had to face. She didn’t give up on her wishes and plans of developing her own clothing line, and in particular, on her dream of participating at Couture Fashion Week in Paris.

The fashion in Moldova has been going through major changes in the past few years. How have they influenced the brand “Ariadna”?

Indeed, happily, the fashion industry in our country is moving further. Each day new names appear and I believe each of the designers has the chance to find his place in the customer’s heart. Or, the latter is the one who makes the final choice, thus giving us the green light in the fashion world. It depends on him if we get to call ourselves creators in 10 years. It’s not a secret that the brand “Ariadna” launched on Moldovan market almost 2 years ago, but we already have our loyal clients, who respect and ask for our products. This is great, especially because we do not want to stop here. We have many ideas, and this motivates us to go further. Of course, sometimes the steps we make are tiny, and this gives the impression that we mark time, but we are a young and very ambitious team who believes in itself.

What challenges do you face when women ask you to create their outfits?

Each client who comes with her own ideas is a challenge. It is more difficult to sew on demand, because one has to take measurements, to choose the fabric for each product separately, one works with parameters that sometimes are far from standards. Serial products do not oblige – you sew them and you let them at the discretion and desire of each one to buy them or not. In our case, I just have to be very careful with every detail; so that every client who leaves our showroom is happy and becomes a loyal one. Another difficulty is the lack of aesthetic education that we see in women over 30 years old, namely the generations that had no internet. We were always dressed up in very poor quality clothes made of cheap fabric and sometimes we tried to put in one dress all the decorations possible. I am glad when the client asks for my advice on accessories; because our dresses are usually richly decorated, we try to opt for minimalism.

How your brand educates aesthetic sense among fashionistas in Moldova?

Hm… I am not sure we can say that we educate somebody’s taste – we are still quite small to intend to educate someone. Fashionistas in Moldova are educated by fashionistas from abroad and this is a good thing. We do the same – we try to learn the techniques from leading international designers, so we can offer the same quality but at more affordable prices. I am not afraid to sew a complicated dress – this helps one grow and become better. Our dresses are often worn at important events outside the country, where the foreigners note that in Moldova one sews haute-couture dresses too.

You had several invitations to show your collections abroad. How was the experience?

In fact, I had a lot of invitations. The thing is we do not have financial possibilities to participate at all of them. Each fashion show is a great investment; this is why we are quite selective. But the fact that we are being invited is a very good indicator for us. Someday we will certainly get to the Couture Fashion Week in Paris – it has been my dream since childhood.

Why, however, you do not show your collections at events in Moldova?

There are many fashion shows in Chisinau that are organized during some events, as a part of their program. Yes, this is not a bad thing for a new brand that doesn’t have very much support to gather mass-media and audience. But the audience of a fashion show has to be formed of truly interested people in seeing the new collections of the respective brand. On the other hand, two years ago we were part of an important fashion event organized in Chisinau, at the end of which we were harshly criticized by the organizers. This hurt. I chose to erase this chapter and not to talk about this. But I am getting this question each time. At the beginning of the road, the criticism can destroy even the most confident man’s hopes. Fortunately, I love too much what I am doing and I chose to not give up, but to go on my way and to prove that they were wrong. And I hope someday I will succeed in this.

How was the transition from Orhei to the capital? Did you feel some differences in your activity?

This change was a real challenge for me. Firstly, no one knew us, and in our country without investments, there is no way to get yourself noticed. Though, I took the risks. And I do not regret it. Although we do not have a luxurious showroom and we did not make aggressive advertising, I believe that we managed to do a lot in a very short amount of time. Sometimes it’s hard, I do not deny it, but there are possibilities, various tastes and it is more interesting to work. We became more visible on the local market. And, I repeat it – this is just a track, because we do not intend to stop here.

Besides dresses, what other outfits would you like to create?

Each moment I have a lot of ideas. I have many, but the major problem of those who own a business in our country is the lack of qualified labour force. It seems hard to believe, but that is the way it is. I hope I can someday show, along with my collection of evening dresses, a line of wedding dresses but also prêt-a-porter. That, however, will happen in the future. Now I am working on some new models, so I am looking forward to see what the outcome will be.

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Ariadna by Diana Voevutki
Adresa Chișinău, Mihai Eminescu 30 Tel/Fax
— phone 022 245-062 078 140-549 079 204-258

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