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Notwithstanding the fact that our company is modern and high-quality production, Euro-Alco counts off the beginning of its activity since the end of the 19th century. Our company has the honour to be the successors of famous Shustov Cognac Houses and especially of cognac house «Н.Л.Шустовъ съ Сыновьями» (“N.L.Shustov and Sons”), opened in Chisinau city in 1898. Afterwards, it came through the series of reorganizations and renames and laid the foundations to the Aroma Company, subsequently separated from it Aroma Plus Company and already since 1994 to Euro-Alco Company, known to everybody.

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ME “Euro-Alco” LLC company is an active growing production facility in wine industry and possesses production places that provide a full process cycle of wine production and its bottle filling. These are: primary winery, secondary winery. Winemaking is carried out at the facilities of the South and Central Zones of the Republic of Moldova. In the South Zone Cabernet, Pinot Fran, Chardonnay and Sauvignon grape variety are mostly processed. Wines are characterized by high taste quality, fullness, velvety. Grape picking is carried out strictly by sectors; clusters are selected with detection of grape technical maturity level (sugar, acidity, pH).

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In the Central Zone are processed such grape varieties as: Isabella, Aligote, Feteasca, Muscat, Riesling. Made wines come into our secondary winery for further processing and storage. Wines are transported in special vehicles – vine carriers, in stainless steel containers, for storage and thinner processing before bottling to the ME “Euro-Alco” LLC facility.

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At a time, the volume of containers for storage and further processing of wine stock on the facility amounts to 4 Mio liters. State control on facility equipment compliance with State Standard conditions for food plants is annually performed at the facility.

Capacity park of facility permits to bottle a wide range of wines, which amounts currently to 65 of brands. It starts with dry wines (Cabernet, Merlot), demi-sweet, demi-dry wines and terminates with potent wines of Portvein and Cahor wines type.

Advanced modern leading technologies of France, Italy, Germany and USA are used at the facility.

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The facility includes specialized premises: receiving, processing and blending of wine stock section, finished production section and warehouse premises, bottling line, accredited production laboratory, which are supplied with modern equipment. This permits to provide high quality and maximum control on all types of production.

The laboratory of facility is annual attested and has the certificates of conformation of State Surveillance of the Republic of Moldova, is accredited with the certificate No. SNA MD CAECP LI 02 221 of March 24, 2010.

Receipt of UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 Certificate is the indicator of compliance of our facility to the international level.

Permanent increase of production capacity and development of new productions and markets is the major factor of brisk growth of company sales. Management staff sees the further company development also in increasing of production and technological base of the facility, creation of auxiliary production (productions of wines with a controlled origin and of wine and cognac production), active investment of money in company raw materials base. Eventually that will lead to cost reduction and sales profitability growth. Sales of products currently is carried out on the territory of the Republic of Moldova, Ukraine, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Montenegro, Slovakia, USA, Canada.

“Euro-Alco” offers:

Grape wines made of grapes grown in the central and southern areas of Moldova:

natural dry, half dry, semi-sweet white and red wines;
Special blend strong, dessert, semi-dessert white and red wines, including aromatized wines;
Special low alcohol wines and wine drinks

Grape brandies and cognacs


Line Two litres 2,0L

Line Casa Noastra 2,0 L


Line Latinos Love 2,0 L

Line Winemaking mystery 2,0 L

Line Vin de Provincie 1,5 L

Line Twist off 1,0 L

Line Barrel 1,0 L

Line Vermouth Luciano 1,0 L

Line Cahors

Cahor Classic 0,7 L                    Cahor Dome 0,75 L


Line Hopeness 1,0L


Line Diamond Sparkling 0,75 L


Line Table wines 0,75 L

Line Bunny 0,75 L

Line Greek 0,75 L

Line Eva 0,5 L

Line Louis du Conte 0,75 L


Line Chatteau 0,75 L

Line Reserve Wine 0,75 L

Line Souvenir 0,75, L

Line Flowers 0,75 L

Souvenir package


Line Louis du Conte, Monako 0,5 L

Line Louis du Conte, Ovation 0,5 L

Divin Louis du Conte 0,5L

Divin Louis Du Conte 0,2 L

Joonis  Louis du Conte
0.5 L/0,25 L

5 y & 7 y


Quadro  Louis du Conte
0.5 L

5 y &7 y


Conus Louis du Conte
0.5 L/0,25 L

5 y & 7 y



Brandy Olimp 0,5 L


Whisky Komandor 0,7 L

Whiskey Comandor 0,2 L

Whiskey Old Village 0,5 L

Whiskey Red Horse 0,7 L

Whiskey Red Horse 0,2 L

Whiskey Old Church 0,5 L

Whiskey Black Crown 0,5 L

Whiskey John.T  0,5 L


Line Tsarscaia Ohota 0,5 L

Line Diamond

Diamond Clear 0,5 L, 0,75 L


Diamond flavored fruit 0.5 L


Diamond flavored fruit 0.75 L


Line EuroAlco

Euroalco flavored fruit 0.75 L

Euroalco Clear 0.75 L

Line Komandor 0,75 L           Komandor new 0, 75 L, 0,375 L          Komandor new 0.75 L

«Komandor», 0,75

Komandor5 [Converted]

Line Rastorgueff 0,75 L

Lacrima Basarabiei 0,5 L, 0,75 L, 0,2 L.

Olimp 0,75 L


Black Crown 0,7 L


Pertsovka 0,5 L


Lowalcoholic beverages

Diamond Fruit 0,75 L

Cruschon 1,0 L


Glintvein 1,0 L


Energizer 0,33 L

Ultraviolet 0,33 L

Nonalcoholic drinks

Utrenneiea rosa


Aromatnyi mir


Adresa Chişinău, Chișinău, Bucuriei 20 Tel/Fax
— телефон 022 854-088
— факс 022 854-089
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