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International Language Training Centre is an international level language school, a recognized leader in teaching in Moldova since 1994.

ILTC is a world of foreign languages where you can learn while having fun and preparing for success! We offer various programmes for studying foreign languages.  At ILTC you will find all you need to achieve your goal, whether it’s a course for kids, teenagers, professional English, international exam preparation or “Crafty Hands” and Conversational Club.

ILTC is versed in 7 foreign languages, with a rich diversity of study programmes.

ILTC is a special school, recommended to friends and relatives. Whole families study here – both parents and children are happy to come to us.

ILTC is a school equipped with more than 20 comfortable internationally-themed classrooms – classes are held in London, Paris, New York, Mexico, Toronto, Berlin.

ILTC is proud of its teachers, who are true professionals full of enthusiasm.

ILTC – we will teach YOU to understand the world!

Our undeniable advantages:

  • Variety of study programmes
  • Use of the latest teaching methods for all ages and levels
  • Professional and experienced instructors with international qualifications CELTA, International House Certificate and SiT TESOL
  • Convenient schedule for adults, teenagers and kids
  • Individual approach to each student
  • Flexible pay system and reward system for regular customers
  • Free testing
  • Course Completion Certificate

Our Programmes:

  • English for Adults, Teenagers and Kids
  • Business English
  • Medical English
  • International Exam Preparation (TOEFL, Cambridge Exams)
  • German for Adults, Teenagers and Kids
  • Italian for Adults
  • French for Adults
  • Spanish for Adults
  • Russian for Adults
  • Romanian for Adults
  • Online Course
  • Skype Course
  • Individual lessons (On-on-one classes)
  • Teacher Training
  • Language Summer Camp

Teaching Method

ILTC uses the communicative approach in teaching, which ensures development of all main language skills such as writing, speaking, reading as well as listening.

The Communicative Approach aims to develop the skill of speaking through the process of communication. The main emphasis of this communication is on knowledge and skills needed in real life. Imitation of real life situations in class help to consolidate the acquired knowledge and gain positive experience of using a foreign language.

The important feature of the communicative approach is that teachers never use students’ first language, so students have to communicate in the studied language from the very first class. Thus, students are immersed in a language environment, which helps to successfully overcome ‘language barriers’.


During the year, we conduct new student testing to record students in groups according to their language level.

Before you begin to study the chosen language, we need to determine your exact language level. To do this, you should take a free oral test.

After the test your language level will be determined and you will be able to choose a suitable group to start the course.

To sign up to the group at ILTC you should:

  • Call us at 022 29 29 88 / 067 29 29 88 / 079 88 29 88, sign up for the free oral testing and fill in a short application form
  • Take the oral test at a scheduled time
  • Let us know which class time slot suits your study habits
  • Sign up to the group
  • Conclude an individual contract and pay for the course
  • Come to the class on the first day of the semester

Chisinau, Petru Raresh, 43
Tel: (+373) 22 29 29 88 / GSM: (+373) 67 29 29 88, 79 88 29 88

Summer Programmes – ILTC SUMMER CAMP

Every Summer International Language Training Centre organizes language camps for kids during the summer holidays - ILTC Summer Camp.

ILTC Summer Camp project is unique because 7-10 years-old kids not only have a great time and a lot of fun, but also learn English with native speakers from the USA and Great Britain.

The recreation program is very rich. A vast majority of events and variety of games are specially chosen for kids.

  • Interesting and creative English lessons by the communicative methods of ILTC. Children are divided into groups according to their age and language level.
  • Dance, art and acting classes (all classes are taught in English)
  • Educational Excursions around the city and the country
  • Fitness for kids, including sport games and competitions, and a swimming pool

At the end of the summer camp program all participants receive colorful diplomas and become members of ILTC club. Kids also get photos and presents as a memento.

Program description:

  • Duration: 2 weeks
  • Age of participants: 7-10 years old
  • Program days: Monday – Friday (09:00 – 18:00)
  • 3 meals a day

Address: Chișinau, Petru Rareş 43
Tel: 022 292-988 / 079 822-988 / 067 292 -988
Website: www.iltc.md
e-mail: iltcmoldova@gmail.com

Адрес Chișinău, Petru Rareş 43 Телефоны/Факсы
— телефон 022 292-988 079 882-988 067 292-988
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